->Our event pictures are updated in website

->Our Organization Has Registered Under Andra Pradesh Societies Act with 183/2011
->We have done with 100 eye donations in ONGOLE

-> we spreading Awareness About Civic Sense And No plastic movement in schools !!!

->Members must deposit their money as soon as possible so that we can propagate our vision without any interruption
Spreading Humanity And Development Of Withered Society (SHADOWS)

its a registered Voluntary organization formed by youngsters which acts like a ray to fulfill the dreams of a man which means to be real humanity ...... we have differentiated our work into four categories named Ashraya,Akshaya,Akshara,Avani

visiting helping homes and fulfilling their needs is referred to ASHRAYA

Blood ,Eye donations ,Health camps referred to AKSHAYA

Eco-friendly events and events regarding nature referred to AVANI

Proving Education to poor ,scholarships and other referred to AKSHARA

Notification from Needy People on different aspects like health,education etc..who Are looking for donors were posted in Need Help

If you wanna be part of this organization go to SUPPORTER ENROLLMENT FORM enroll your self as part of this organization by accepting to donate Rs.200 for every month

If You wish to Donate Blood in Need Enroll your self as Blood Donor at BLOOD DONOR ENROLLMENT FORM

Supporters will get mail updates regarding Events...


catch us at 09959999965, 09966159678,09703157258,09885436234,09052728345