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Event at GEM Orphange Home Chirala

After a long time that is almost after 11 months we  had an event from shadows exclusively ...... we have many reasons to tell beyond the delay but its not the time to discuss all we had an fantastic time with the children actually i found a video in youtube  which has been taken by some foreign tourists with Orphan children .i found  some address in the video it says that it located in  Odarevu beach , near Chirala Town in prakasham district ,as it near to my home town i have decided to go there

       At last i managed to  go Odarevu beach with my friend our bad luck we didn't find  any orphanage over there ,but still we have an hope that's why we reach Chirala Town to en quire about the home   , while going in to the town we found a board which named GEM ORPHANAGE HOME  we spotted it and we went on our search for the home which we want to serve ........

      But we didn't find any so we decided to come back visit the GEM HOME which we have spotted earlier , i talk with the madam about their  needs  and i distributed biscuit packets to the children  and then we have decided to work for this home

      We got good response from our friends especially for me i  got   some excellent support from my schoolmate and her friends i never forget their words while donating the money  and they are quite impressive and inspiring .......... i want them for life time friends and life time supporters to shadows and in our batch we have gathered good money with everyone's own circle of friends even many people don't know us properly they trust us and contributed money from their pocket money here we have to remember the thing that  most of the people who have contributed money are students and unemployed

       But they  contributed as they can at moment in respect of the money their support makes us more strong  and empower us to do the event successfully

      when we spend time with the children the affection ,love shown by them was awesome and unexpressable  .we had a great time with them when we leaving  the place they feel like missing their own brothers and  we feel tears  from their eyes but time never stop for anything whether it is good or bad  we make a move with  heavy heart  and their smiles in our memories

     Finally it became most unforgettable moment in our life ...........................................